1 Question What if we can't deduct payment from the customer?
Answer The customer will not be able to use the service temporarily. The system will try deduct 5 Baht service charge the next day up to a total of seven days. If the service charge still can't be deducted, then your service will be terminated.
2 Question The customer types the message above the limit.
Answer The system will send an SMS to the customer stating that you are above the message limit. Try to send your messages that are 68 for Thai or 155 for English.
3 Question If the customer's status which is linked with Facebook and the message is over the limit, then what message would appear?
Answer The system will reduce the message of Thai characters to 68 or English characters to 155. If the message is linked from the Facebook status, there will be a word "Facebook" showing at the end of the message to let the caller know.
4 Question Service fee for GSM Advance and One-2-call! customers
Answer GSM Advance, 20 Baht per month (excluding VAT);
           21.4 including VAT One-2-Call!, 5 Baht per week (excluding VAT); 5.35 including VAT
5 Question Can I change my Calling Post message via the web or wap?
Answer Yes, from the website www.ais.co.th/callingpost or from your mobile phone at wap.aiscallingpost.com
6 Question Can I change my Calling Post message for callers based on the time of day (i.e.. different messages for working hours and after working hours)?
Answer Yes, you can setup your messages base on the time of day on the Web or WAP.
7 Question What is the maximum number of Calling Post messages that I set up for special number?
Answer 31 messages in total. Customers can have 1 default message and 30 timed-appointed messages that can be set in Advance setting.
8 Question How can I setup a group? How many numbers can 1 group have?
Answer Set up group by select Advance setting by number and create message. One message can add number up to 10 numbers to see your calling Post message
9 Question Can callers from different networks see my messages?
Answer We can't confirm 100% and it depends on the network system.
10 Question If I'm abroad, can callers from Thailand see my Calling Post messages?
Answer Yes, even if you are abroad and you didn't pick up your call; then you can inform your caller that you are not available and you are out of the country.